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Seeking a BILINGUAL part-time office assistant

Looking for a BILINGUAL part-time office assistant.

  • Monday-Thursday 8:30-2:30P.M.
  • Must be a reliable multi-tasker.
  • Clerical duties: Greeting patients or onsite visitors, checking in patients, filing, copying, data entry, assisting front desk clerk
  • Intake duties: Taking patients vitals, documenting patient charts, assisting doctor, coordinate patient flow, assisting checkout clerk
  • Applications available to pick up 9425 Main St. Upper Lake
  • Download and fill out application and send with resume to Fax to 707-275-9043
  • Mail to PO BOX 638, Upper Lake, CA 95485
  • For more info call 707-275-2366
  • >> Download Application

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    Proposition 64 Facts

    As of Nov. 9th it became legal for any adult 21 years or older to:

    • Possess, transport, obtain or give away to other adults 21 or older no more than one ounce of marijuana or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

    • Cultivate up to six plants per residence and possess the marijuana produced by these plants. All plants and harvest in excess of one ounce must be kept in a locked space not in public view at one’s residence. Local governments may still forbid cultivation outdoors, but must allow it inside a private residence or accessory structure that is “fully enclosed and secure.”

    • Medical marijuana patients keep their existing rights under Prop 215 to possess and cultivate as much as they need for personal medical use so long as they have a doctor’s recommendation, regardless of the Prop 64 limits for adult users. Beware though that local government may still restrict cultivation via nuisance ordinances (except for the six indoor plant minimum allowed for personal use).

    • Retail sales for adult use will not begin until licensed stores are in operation after Jan 1, 2018. In the meantime, Prop 215 patients with a doctor’s recommendation can continue to purchase at medical collectives and dispensaries.

    • Tax Tip for 215 Patients: Patients who have a state medical marijuana ID card will be exempt from the state sales tax immediately, according to the State Board of Equalization. If you spend more than $100 per month on medicine, it should pay you to get a state ID card. State ID cards are available from county health departments;under Prop 64 the card fees are capped at $100 ($50 for Medi-Cal patients).

    Under Prop 64, you may NOT:

    • Consume marijuana in any public place ($100 infraction). (On-site consumption at licensed premises will be permitted at a later date.)

    • Smoke or vaporize marijuana in any non-smoking area or within 1,000 feet of a school, day care or youth center while children are present, except privately at a residence. ($250 fine)

    • Consume marijuana or possess an “open container” of marijuana while driving or riding as a passenger in any motor vehicle, boat, or airplane ($250 fine).

    • Possess or use marijuana on the grounds of a school, day care or youth center while children are present. ($100 fine).

    • Manufacture concentrated cannabis with a volatile solvent (except for state-licensed manufacturers).

    • Minors under 21 may not possess, use, transport, or cultivate marijuana, subject to a $100 fine for those 18 and older. Minors under 18 are subject to drug counseling or community service.

    • Possession of more than one ounce remains a misdemeanor punishable by $500 and/or six months in jail as at present.

    -Other offenses, including cultivation of over six plants, transport of over an ounce, illegal sale or distribution for compensation, possession with intent to sell, etc., are downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors except in certain aggravating circumstances.
    *Additional information available at

    DOWNLOAD: Proposition 64 Facts PDF

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    I urge all my patients to read this bill and support Sen. Mark Leno’s bill SB 1182. Please click on link to see SB 1182.

    Please click on the link for more information.

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    If you are a New Patient and would like to see Dr. Hopkins. Please make an appointment…

    If you are a New Patient and would like to see Dr. Hopkins. Please make an appointment. If you are planning to come in as a walk in please call the office so we can explain to you what to bring with you.

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    Notice To My Patients

    Notice To My Patients:

    When the Sheriff’s destroy your property TAKE PICTURES.

    DO NOT cop a plea. Then bring civil suit for the value of the destroyed property.

    Use the past testimonies as to the value of the property destroyed.”

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    Freak Clinic Show

    Freak Clinic Aug. 20th at 4pm performing an obscure vibration of freak music! at The Blackberry Festival. Covelo Ca.- Come out and support local Milan L. Hopkins M.D.’s band Freak Clinic!

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