Freak Clinic

The music of Freak Clinic has developed from twenty years of Doc Hop’s work with numerous talented musicians. The tonality and rhythm especially have been informed by two deceased band members, chord chemist Kevin Crosson and bassman Buster Cherry (Mikael Van De Ven), who termed the Doc’s music “Thug Rock”. Freak Clinic has been performing in its present incarnation since the summer of 2011. Current focus is to draw a crowd with popular covers, explore the dance grooves of our originals, and entertain with a dynamic performance.

Doc Hop (vocalist and guitarist) has been playing guitar and singing since age fifteen. Unable to hear the blues as a white boy in the medieval south, he escaped becoming a bluesman. His creative voice is both complex and groove-based at the same time. Jason Wright (lead guitarist and bassist) has been a guitarist in many different bands covering many genres of music in the last 20 years. He takes Doc Hop’s rhythms and puts his ferocious signature style into the music with melody and hooks to lure and arouse your ear. John Nitchman (percussionist) is the backbone and overall dictator of the beat for Doc hop’s music. He is a different breed of groovemeister that will have the crowd dancing and bobbing their heads to the throb of his monster bass drum. Kevin Village Stone (Bass, Keyboards, and Native American flutes) is the icing on the music with his multi-instrumental abilities. His bass style is the perfect counterpoint to the drums and links to Doc Hop’s guitar rhythm with power and style that is all his own.

Freak Clinic performs original music primarily, but can also perform multiple sets of familiar cover songs. They have performed at large festival type shows such as Bi-Coastal Media’s Summer Concert Series in Lakeport Ca. and Eureka Ca., Point Arena’s Annual Hemp Festival and hot nightclubs like the Caspar Inn, Ukiah Brewing Co., and The Alley Bar & Lounge. No matter what venue they perform in they are sure to get you out of your seat and on the dance floor. You can contact Freak Clinic for booking by calling: 707-349-0135 or by email at: jason@dochop.com



Some samples to listen to…

02 Rig final mix.mp3

03 Masochist Final Mix.mp3

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