Top Reasons to Keep Your Medical Cannabis Recommendation

  • Access to medicinal dispensaries currently in operation. Not all of them will be selling to recreational users
  • Access to more potent cannabis products which are available for medical use only
  • Possess larger quantities than the one ounce permitted to recreational users
  • Legal protection for growing more than the six plants allowed to recreational users
  • Added protection from local laws and ordinances restricting the conditions under which you can grow, possess and consume your medicine
  • Apply for employment in the medical cannabis industry, where status as a patient is required
  • Receive competent medical advice on the best way to treat your medical condition
  • Avoid having your cannabis use tracked by the state

Top reasons to obtain the state medical marijuana identification card.

  • Avoid paying a portion of the added taxes applied to recreational cannabis
  • Provides added legal protection for transporting cannabis


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